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What is Zoho One

Zoho One is a bundle of 40+ different Zoho applications that work together to run your Sales, Marketing, Support, Finance, HR and Operations. All these applications work under a single sign-on with a centralized console for administration. With Zoho One, you no more need to pay for separate subscriptions; it’s one subscription that covers all the applications under the suite.

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Support
  • HR

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How to Implement Zoho One

It is pretty hard not to be tempted by Zoho One. You get almost every application you need to run a business in one bundle. Interestingly, this is a challenge too! Most users start using multiple applications from the Go. And, instead of making life easier, it complicates things further. Sounds familiar? Well, you are not alone! The question is how to implement Zoho One successfully?

Step 1

Phase out implementation

Just because the applications are there in the suite, you don’t have to use it! Focus on the business processes you want to systematize and identify the applications for the purpose. Once you know the ones you need, phase out the entire process. Phasing out the implementation process can be a great way to ensure success.

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Step 2

Rope in a Zoho One partner

Time is money for most of the businesses. Rope in an implementation partner who knows in-and-out of Zoho with extensive experience of Zoho One and preferably knowledge of the industry you are working in. This way, your implementation partner helps you translating your vision into a fantastic solution.

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Step 3

Harness the power of integration

Sure, the applications are related. Sure, they are integrated with each other to a certain extent. But, are they integrated to fit your requirements? No off-the-shelf product is. And without proper integration, you’ll have to enter the same data on various applications manually. Which, totally defies the purpose of implementing the system on the first place.

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Step 4

Train your users

Training drives adaptation. So, no matter how many users you have and how many applications you are using, invest time in training your users. Identifying key influencers and training them to be system advocates is a great way to improve adaptation.

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Customer success stories

Case Studies

These case studies document the entire process of how we identified and addressed the pain points and offered effective solutions to help businesses grow.

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