What is Zoho One


Zoho One is a bundle of 40+ different Zoho applications that work together to run your Sales, Marketing, Support, Finance, HR and Operations.

All these applications work under a single sign-on with a centralized console for administration. With Zoho One, you no more need to pay for separate subscriptions; it’s one subscription that covers all the applications under the suite.

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How to Implement Zoho One to Run and Grow Your Business

It is pretty hard not to be tempted by Zoho One. You get almost every application you need to run a business in one bundle. Interestingly, this is a challenge too! Most users start using multiple applications from the Go. And, instead of making life easier, it complicates things further. Sounds familiar? Well, you are not alone! The question is how to implement Zoho One successfully?

Step 1

Phase out implementation

Just because the applications are there in the suite, you don’t have to use it! Focus on the business processes you want to systematize and identify the applications for the purpose. Once you know the ones you need, phase out the entire process. Phasing out the implementation process can be a great way to ensure success.

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After hours of conversations with our peers and lengthy YouTube videos posted by Zoho and Golden Lion we were satisfied that Zoho was the right solution. But what about GoldenLion?

GoldenLion is a company based in India – a 12 hour time difference. What kind of response time would we encounter? Would there be a language issue during phone meetings? Could their skill in engineering be dialed down to the non-engineer in us? Will they stand behind their product after the sale?

Wow, any angst was for naught. The experience has been extraordinarily positive. The team in India assigned for the implementation were exceptional.

Gordon Hein
VP Finance/Operation, Latin Excursions Inc
Step 2

Rope in a Zoho One partner

Time is money for most of the businesses. Rope in an implementation partner who knows in-and-out of Zoho with extensive experience of Zoho One and preferably knowledge of the industry you are working in. This way, your implementation partner helps you translating your vision into a fantastic solution.

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We were researching ZOHO since last few years and were not ready to shift expecting the poor level of support from the vendors, until our sister concern in north America started using ZOHO CRM successfully implemented by GoldenLion and were always appreciated in our discussions. Despite a ZOHO vendor very close to our office promising physical presence and onsite support, we went ahead with GoldenLion and were very happy with our choice of decision of migrating from Salesforce to ZOHO with GoldenLion putting our fears to rest.

We found GoldenLion extremely efficient with in depth knowledge of not only of multiple aspects of ZOHO CRM but equally good in other apps. Teams and Management at GoldenLion is par excellence and are very efficient in understanding and addressing the issues.

Prem Syal
Founder & Chief Dreamer, HI Tours
Step 3

Harness the power of integration

Sure, the applications are related. Sure, they are integrated with each other to a certain extent. But, are they integrated to fit your requirements? No off-the-shelf product is. And without proper integration, you’ll have to enter the same data on various applications manually. Which, totally defies the purpose of implementing the system on the first place.

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We came across GoldenLion by recommendation from Zoho team. Initially I did not believe their ability to fulfill my requirement as I was extremely worried about implementation part, having had a bad experience in the past with other companies.

We can now send quotes, invoices, do vendor reservation sitting at our home on our cozy beds.

In short I would say that GoldenLion is helping me achieve my dreams and they are putting their full weight on our road to progress.

Amazingly we guys have never met each other. All has happened over the phone or via internet.

Mohmmad Sameem
Owner, Kashmir Port
Step 4

Train your users

Training drives adaptation. So, no matter how many users you have and how many applications you are using, invest time in training your users. Identifying key influencers and training them to be system advocates is a great way to improve adaptation.

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I am very impressed with the GoldenLion Team and their commitment to customize to work perfectly in line with my process and to get me up an running as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

I now have a 360 degree view of my contacts, properties and related interactions. The saving in time and increase in my productivity will give me a fantastic ROI on my investment with GoldenLion.

I now have a cost effective platform to scale my business to its optimal level.

Guy de la Porte
Principal, Airport Property

Case Studies

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