Boost Your Retail Property Sales With Real Estate Developer CRM

Apr 21, 2022

The real estate industry is reeling all over the world. It has and will continue to. But with the abrupt fluctuations in the emerging trends and economy over the last couple of years, real estate developers are facing massive challenges. Since the pandemic restrictions are starting to relax, companies in other industries have started getting on their feet. Hence, there’s a natural uprise in the commercial property market. But to maintain a successful business, you need stability and balance. You need to keep a steady pace for your retail properties as well. For helping you with this, we have come up with Real Estate Developer CRM

In this article, we will walk you through how effectively you can use our Real Estate Developer CRM for driving your retail property sales. 

Manage Your Properties 

For every business person, customers are the top priority. But to present your products to your clients, you need to manage them first. For real estate developers, managing properties remains at the crux of their business. With Real Estate Developer CRM, this becomes like a cake-walk situation. It helps you manage numerous properties under three respective categories– namely developer projects, buildings, and units. Each of these modules holds information regarding your properties with the aforementioned perspectives. If you get inside a developer project, you can see the address information and geo-location along with the respective buildings and units. Again, when you click on a building, it displays all the related information and the number of units that are present under it. 

Publish Property Images 

When a potential buyer comes across your website or even social media page, the foremost thing that the individual will notice are the images of your properties. These visual aids play major catalysts in attracting your target audience. Though publishing property images on the website comes as an add-on service with our Real Estate Developer CRM, it is highly recommended. For your retail properties, you can publish a glorious picture of the entire structure. This can be followed by individual images of the rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and a blueprint of the construction. This feature lets you publish multiple pictures in one go. 

Capture Quality Leads 

When you’re done with managing properties and publishing their pictures on the website, you can shift your focus to capturing quality leads. As a developer, you must have several channels to promote your properties and generate leads. For example, websites, social media platforms, newspapers, referrals, inbound calls. Whatever suits you the best. However, generating numerous leads and capturing them is entirely different. With Real Estate Developer CRM this becomes super easy.

Suppose, if an individual browses through your properties, he/ she can show interest by inserting their details in a pre-embedded webform. And our CRM instantly captures their information and places them in a streamline under a separate new lead entry. In case you acquire a lead through referrals or inbound calls, you can manually fill separate lead records as well. However, to maintain a stable pace, you can insert the respective sources of your leads. 

Real Estate CRM

Screen Your Leads With Greater Potential

Capturing innumerable leads becomes easier with our Real Estate Developer CRM solution, understood! But not all individuals who inquire about your services will eventually become your customers. So you need to narrow down the ones who have greater potential. You can implement the BANT parameters for this purpose. You can check the individual’s preferred price range (budget), his/ her role in this deal (authority), preferred property type (need), and urgency (timeline). These key pieces of information help you categorize your leads so that you can clearly identify which ones to persuade. 

Real Estate CRM

Interact With Your Prospects 

After screening your leads, your immediate action will be to nurture your prospects with strategic interaction. Real Estate Developer CRM readily informs about this lead to the respective team members, the moment it captures their details. Now as a developer, we know that you have different aspects of your business that need your diligent attention. So it’s humanely not possible for you to nurture your leads individually but we cannot overlook the importance of this particular step. So you can create different follow-up activities, schedule meetings or calls for your customers, and assign these tasks to your teammates. All you need is a one-click mention to notify them instantly about their upcoming tasks. 

Real Estate CRM

Manage Your Contacts

Real Estate Developer CRM is designed in a factual way to centralize all your customer databases which will ultimately help you increase sales-win rates. Now, when you convert a lead into a contact, company (for B2B opportunities), and associate a deal, our CRM instantly creates three separate records. If you get inside a contact record for a particular client, you can see all the contact-oriented details laid out in a streamline. Remember, each module is typically segmented into a business-card section, detailed information section, and related lists. Plus, based on your previous follow-up activities and your client’s responses, CRM rightly detects the most convenient time for communication.

Real Estate CRM

Even on the timeline page, our CRM maps out a clear journey of your customers so that you can use it for later reference and retrieval.

Real Estate CRM

Manage Your Sales With Automated Marketing 

Once you’re advanced with the effective features of our Real Estate Developer CRM, automated marketing becomes easier for you. As you have all your customer databases documented and centralized, you can easily chalk out your target audience. For example, in the pre-sales stage, when your customers inquire about your retail properties, you can send out tailored emails consisting of properties that they might prefer.

When your customers have purchased their dream properties, for the post-sales stage, you can trigger email or social media campaigns to share news about your latest projects. You can even ask them for testimonials, subscribe to your newsletters, and refer to their contacts in exchange for cool perks. All these marketing strategies help you keep consistent communication with your customers, repeat your business or even acquire new customers. For marketing, you can use the huge range of attractive customizable templates that come with DocHipo. Take a look–

Real Estate CRM

Stacking Plan Report 

Our Real Estate Developer CRM comes complimentary with a stacking plan report. The ‘stacking plan’ instantly displays a report comprising the number of buildings or units present under a particular project. You can see the construction dynamics for each. For example, let’s say a project has five buildings, and each building has nine units. You can see the availability statuses of your spaces, the type of property, the number of bedrooms/ bathrooms, etc. Added to this, our CRM automatically updates this data report so that you are never misled while pitching your customers.

Real Estate CRM

Track Overall Performance 

And here comes the best parts of our solution– reports and dashboards. These dynamic modules help you comprehend and monitor the different sectors of your business from an aerial view. Here you always get updated with real-time insights. So that you can implement these data analytics to your advantage and introduce effective strategies for business development. 

Here’s an example of a report– 

Real Estate CRM

And here’s a dashboard– 

Real Estate CRM


Modern problems require modern solutions, right? Real Estate Developer CRM is the all-in-one solution that you need today. A cloud-based software solution that helps you access your business data with any device and at any time. It seems like the only answer that developers of today are looking for. 

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