Business Development With Real Estate Agency CRM: A Complete Guide

Dec 8, 2021

This decade has been marked as a significant one. The Covid-19 outbreak and the digitization vogue have taken great twists and turns in our lives. The global marketplace has experienced unprecedented downfall but has emerged from its ashes in no time. Every kind of industry has advanced with technology. And certainly, the Real Estate industry is not the one to be left behind. According to a report from the National Association of Realtors, shows 98% of millennials use the internet for their accommodation hunt. So if you’re running a Real Estate Agency, you need to stay at the top of your market radar before it becomes 100%. And guess what, we have come up with the ultimate solution to wipe away all your troubles. Real Estate Agency CRM is just what you need!

Without any further ado, let us dive real deep into how you can effectuate Real Estate Agency CRM to flourish your business.

Streamlined Property Management

The real estate world revolves around properties. Therefore, the property module is the focal point of this CRM software. If you select a property from your list, you can see a vast variety of information regarding that particular property. Be it the name of the property owner, or a property code, or the name of the property.

Now comes the best part. Real Estate Agency CRM will automatically name this property in a corresponding form. For example, if it is a residential estate, the name will include the code, the type (residential in this case), the number of bedrooms (say, 2BHK/ 3BHK or more), and the square feet area. You can list the type of property (for sale/ rent), categorize it (as residential/ commercial), add the geo-location of the premise as well. You can also capture the number of bedrooms, floor number, and every other information that you require.

This CRM system is extremely intuitive in nature. It will auto-calculate the deal stage related to this property. Whether it is under validation, or available, or to a closed-won case, it will automatically update the current status. Imagine how effortlessly you can navigate your search in the sea of your properties! 

Capture And Manage Numerous Leads With Real Estate Agency CRM  

As a real estate agent, you must deal with multiple prospects simultaneously. You can attract and generate numerous business leads from your website, newspapers, social forums, business cards, and so forth. However, you can blindly trust this CRM application when it comes to capturing them from your website. You can embed contact forms under your properties where your audience can fill out their preferences. Subsequently, when you get inside the lead module, you can see all your leads laid out with specific summaries in an uncluttered way. Similarly, again when you choose a particular lead, you can see all the information in a streamlined manner and distribute them amongst your teammates. 

Real Estate Agency CRM advances you to balance and prioritize your leads according to the BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Time frame) parameters. You can always track them to pursue until they convert into opportunity. On the plus side, you can also mark them with segments/ categories such as residential or commercial property buyers to tailor your services. 

Seamlessly Manage Your Customers’ Journey

This CRM software records every touchpoint interaction with your potential customers and creates a holistic view for your evaluation. However, the sales cycle for a real estate agency is a tad bit longer than in other industries when compared. To manage this process, Real Estate CRM lets you create various follow-up tasks for your sales reps so that they can assist them and later convert them into contact, account (in case of B2B opportunity), and a deal. Once completed, you can mark them as complete and move on to the next task. 

Now inside a deal record, you can view and insert additional information as well. Whether the property is selected, or any other brokerage agency is involved– this software holds every information field that one can expect. Seems so cool, you should try it out!

Match Your Leads Or Contacts For Property Recommendation 

Real Estate Agency CRM holds a detailed list for all your properties. So once you add a new property to your list, this AI-powered application prompts automated property recommendations for your evaluation. It becomes super easy for you to identify amongst your uncountable leads and contacts who could be interested in that particular property. You don’t have to browse through all your properties and check whether your clients’ preferences are suited. Instead, you can easily match your leads or contacts with your properties in a blink of an eye and instantly reach out to them with your recommendations. A step forward to winning a deal!

Personalize Your Customer Service With Real Estate Agency CRM

Buying a property, unquestionably, involves a certain level of trust. So before you win a deal, you need to build a solid foundation with your prospective buyers. And Real Estate CRM is the perfect avenue to strengthen your customer base and grow strong relationships with your clients. It advances you to maintain your relations by helping you keep consistent communication with them.

We know that you wouldn’t leave a stone unturned to satisfy your prospects with your services. You must remember that customers are the literal base of your business. So you must make them feel listened to and prioritized. So when you’re equipped with this CRM software, you can hold on to their preferences in detail and tailor your responses accordingly. You can also assist your buyers by publishing attractive pictures on your website. Now, this is an add-on service but it is highly recommended as you can save so much labor and attract enormous website traffic too! 

Generate Your Contracts And Transactions With Ease

Contracts and transactions for a real estate deal are the most crucial steps in the entire operation. So once the client visits the property site and confirms with feedback, you can quickly take a note of the feedback, rate the property and update the current status. In case your prospect selects the property, you can instantly raise a contract for the deal, right from your CRM. The moment the negotiation affirmation stage is over, you can fill in the offer details and contract sign dates, the price that is agreed upon, and your CRM will auto-populate the contract price under the selected property.

Next up is the commission calculation. When the contract is signed, you can insert your commission percentage, and Real Estate CRM auto-calculates the total amount for you. Even if there is a co-brokerage or third-party agency involved, you can fill out their commission details too. Now this commission is your total profit which can be applied to both your buyer and seller. Accordingly, you can generate an invoice for your commission and send it out them in a few quick seconds.

Comprehensive Reports and Dashboards With Real Estate Agency CRM

Real Estate CRM comes complimentary with multiple pre-built comprehensive reports and dynamic dashboards. These are the centralized hubs holding all-encompassing information for you. You can learn and summarize every essential business metric here. You can switch from one dashboard/ report to another by segregating them into filters based on different parameters and take a quick glance to analyze which sectors need your attention.

Last words, 

We understand that you find it hard to believe how astoundingly Real Estate Agency CRM can flourish your business. But how can you ever know how endless your possibilities are if you don’t take a leap of faith and try it? We have helped 700+ businesses to take their business to the next level and yours could be the next for sure!  

This super-cool video down below will help you how efficiently you can implement all the abundant features of this CRM application.

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