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It is not a bad thing to cross-sell and up-sell. After all, we are running a business here! But, it is only the feeling of wellbeing towards the customers that can help you to cross-sell and up-sell perfectly.  This feeling will help you to better understand how your services can help your customers to accelerate […]

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The Internet is a blessing. Today, we are realizing this even more than ever; as we depend heavily on it for acquiring any kind of information.  Whether you want to purchase a product or a service, the internet makes your life easy, by showcasing all the information that you want regarding the purchase. Now, you […]

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Once you are working for a client’s project you immediately built a connection that can last a lifetime. This is because even after delivery, your work isn’t over… the game has just begun. This is especially true for a Professional Services company, as after providing the service, your company is responsible to adhere to any […]

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Statistics revealed that there are 5 major reasons for project failures, first is the change in the priorities of the organization; second is the change in project objectives; third is the inaccuracy in gathering project information and details; the fourth one lies in the lack of a centralized vision; and finally, the fifth reason lies […]

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I am sure you’ve heard this phrase, “Time is Money”. This is especially true for a Professional Services Company, where every single hour counts. Most of the Professional Services Companies draft their budget in an hourly-model. Hence when you are in this industry, tracking the hours spent on a client’s project becomes extremely crucial to […]

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Project Management is the most crucial aspect of a professional services company. You and your team-mates are working hard to get the deal and work on different projects.  Completion of a project work ensures revenue growth and business expansion. At the same time, a good project performance also retains customers and maintains the profit flows. […]

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Creating a stunning proposal is super critical if you want to successfully close a deal. Especially in a professional services company where every project is unique and a lot more nuanced, proposals contain key details regarding scope of work, deliverables, terms and conditions etc. This vital piece of document is not only the most potent […]

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40% of the sales-reps think that  prospecting is the most difficult aspect of sales, which is followed by closing (36%) and qualifying (22%). That is because in most cases we do not have a simple structure through which we can monitor and predict the revenue. To funnel your sales processes and make a proper prediction […]

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