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When you are running a training-providing business, you cannot ignore the fact that batch management is the most crucial task in the entire process. And it is true, that perfect management of your batch is the scaffold to enhance and grow your business in this competitive environment. In this article, we will talk about how […]

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Enrolment management is the bloodline of every Training Provider business. It is one of the crucial functionalities based on which the company stands. In this blog we’ll see how the Training Provider CRM can help you meet all the challenges in enrolment management.   The Training Providing industry is ever-increasing and has gone up to 169.4 […]

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Are you the owner of a training-provider company and looking for an efficient way to grow your business?  Then you must know how the Training Providing industry is in high demand given the increasing growth of the corporate sector. In 2019, the estimated size of the training industry in the US went up to 169.4 […]

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Maintaining close relationship with customers is the secret sauce of success for any professional services firm. In fact, in a study conducted by BoardEx, 85% of professional services companies mentioned relationship capital as their primary source of competitive edge. So, it is only but natural that you, as a professional services firm would leave no […]

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