CRM For Real Estate Developers: Best Features To Transform Your Business Phenomenally

Dec 20, 2021

If you are a player in the Real Estate development field, it is super crucial for you to choose the right CRM solution for your business. Real estate companies have to deal in large-scale transactions, build a loyal network of clients, channel partners to thrive and survive in today’s economy. The challenges, specifically in this industry, seem to be tougher as the sales operation is comparatively lengthy. However, Zoho’s expertise in technology, personalization, and customization features lets you collaborate your business with Real Estate Developer CRM.  

Smallbizgenius says that CRM can improve up to 29% of sales. But not only this. From managing multiple developments, buildings, and units to deal tracking and report generation, you name it and you have it all when equipped with this CRM solution.

Wondering how do we vouch for it with such confidence? Read this blog to understand how phenomenally you can transform your business growth with the best features of Real Estate Developer CRM. 

All-Encompassing Data Hub

Real Estate Developer CRM holds every information related to your business under one unified face. But every quality CRM software more or less has this feature. So what makes us the best? This CRM solution, built on the award-winning Zoho platform updates your data in real-time. It keeps a diligent track of all the crucial metrics so that when you land on the Home Page every morning, you can take a quick glimpse and chalk your activities for the day. What more? You can always create and customize this page by adding any other dashboard to work your way.


Manage Your Properties

Properties are the focal point for your business. Real Estate Developer CRM becomes a success-determining factor here as it can manage your numerous properties while you multitask efficiently. It stores every little information related to a development in a streamlined format. So whenever you get inside a development, you can view its type, starting price in the business card section. You can also view detailed information on the number of buildings, attorneys, payment milestones, and the related lists in the following. 


A real estate development project consists of numerous buildings. And each building can have multiple units to its name as well. So it becomes extremely difficult to manage all of them simultaneously. But Real Estate Developer CRM makes your life way easier. It advances you to keep tabs on your buildings and units by grouping them under a specific development. So if you select a project, you can see the number of buildings and units associated with it in the related list. You can also check the number of deals you could convert so far for this project. 

All the information related to a specific building is stored in a kempt manner including its current status (active/ closed). The same goes for the units. Units are visible in the related list section so that you can easily switch among three different modules in quick succession. What else? You can quickly identify the units as the CRM instantly names them with their type (a parking unit becomes PU), the project’s initial name (Angel Plaza becomes AP), the building number (Building 1 as B1), and the serial number of the unit. 


Capture And Nurture Maximum Leads For Conversion

The moment you have your base covered- meaning your development is ready to be sold off, you can now look forward to capturing business leads. There are multiple ways to generate your leads, namely websites, newspapers, referrals, business cards, and so on. But this Real Estate CRM has an add-on service that can attract even more potential clients. You can publish pictures of your projects to attract website traffic and also help people to understand the defined architecture of the complex. 

You can add your pictures here, inside a development record. 


Once a prospective client inquires about your property, Real Estate Developer CRM instantly captures his/her information and places them in respective fields. For example, you don’t need to manually do it yourself when you can simply embed a contact form on your website. So that he/she submits her contact and inquiry details. And bingo! Your CRM  instantly creates a new entry in your leads module and leaves its merits for your evaluation. 

Banking on this acquired intel, if you find a lead matching all the BANT parameters, you can nurture it for further conversion. With this CRM solution, you instantly schedule follow-up meetings, calls, or any task and assign them to your teammates just by mentioning their names. You can also set reminders or pop-ups or mark your dates in the calendars so that you never miss out on any activity.


Pipeline Management With Real Estate Developer CRM

When a lead finally gets converted, this CRM for Real Estate Developer automatically creates two records as a contact and a deal. It keeps a diligent track of your customer’s journey throughout the sales process. It has a ready-made pipeline for you which automatically takes you to the next step towards winning a deal. You don’t even need to think about what the next stage will be as this CRM advances you with 10x automation powers. It also updates the current status of the pipeline so that you can prioritize accordingly. 


Not only this, Real Estate Developer CRM flags different checklists at various stages of the deal. As the process seems relatively longer, you might miss out on a piece of crucial information. These checklists timely remind you of this information so that you never falter through. So cool, right? 


Effortless Payment Milestone Management 

We all are aware that the construction process takes time. If we look at the Covid situation past year, we will realize that it was not possible for people to work and also deposit lump-sum amounts for their previously bought assets. Hence, the construction process became long overdue.

Purchasing a property requires serious capital investment on the client’s end. With this CRM for Real Estate Developer, you can chalk out different payment milestones for your customers. They can pay you in a series of lump-sum installments on the total percentage once your construction achieves a defined stage of progress or milestone. 

You can also send out emails to communicate the latest updates on the progress of your project or remind them of their due payment in case you find a halt. All done right from the CRM itself! 


Profit Calculation With Real Estate Developer CRM

Real Estate Developer CRM groups all the expenses that you might have to take up for different purposes of the project. This can include land, development, operation marketing, and other costs which this CRM calculates as your whole investment. Now it also auto-calculates your profit by deducting your investment amount from the total revenue generated. It can automatically update this section the moment you start selling off your units and buildings. 

For instance, suppose you have a building that comprises different units (apartments/ parking space). Now as the units start being sold off, this CRM calculates the revenue that is generated. The moment you succeed in selling all the units, you can quickly take a look at your auto-filled out financials.


Reports and Dashboards 

One of the best functionalities of Real Estate Developer CRM is the stacking plan report. Such a report displays the occupied units of a building. So if you have multiple buildings under a project you can view the space along with its availability status, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the area, and the price. All you need to do is click on the Stacking Plan button and a colorful window instantly appears to offer you a quick glimpse of the site.


Other than this you also get a series of multiple comprehensive reports and dynamic dashboards for gaining valuable insights. If exercised correctly, you can use these insights to strategize business tactics for massive transformation. 

Let’s see how a report looks like-


And a dashboard like this-


To wrap things up,

The real estate industry has witnessed an unprecedented downfall in the past year. Undoubtedly it has stood the test of time and risen to thrive. But it could not be possible without digitization. This CRM for Real Estate Developer makes you ten times stronger with its automation powers and abundant features. 

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