How Business Blogging can Boost Your Business

Aug 21, 2018

Are you starting a new business? Or, an existing business owner rethinking your marketing strategies after GDPR implementation? Is outbound marketing not working for you, as it used to? Are you looking for ways to boost your inbound marketing with business blogging?

Hey, congratulations! You are at the right place.

Capturing new customers is the holy grail of marketing. And for years, marketers have been going above and beyond to reach out to them. But, how about letting your customers find you instead? Well, business blogging is one of easiest ways of doing that!

By creating quality and relevant content you can

  • broaden your opportunities to make yourself more searchable in search engines
  • get more visitors to your website than before
  • convert your visitors into interested leads
  • create a community of loyal brand followers on social media platforms where your contents are followed regularly.

Before understanding how business blogging attracts more customers and ensures lead generation, let’s take a look at what business blogging is. Business blogging is a marketing strategy that offers valuable insight and content to your target audience through published blogs. To be honest, there are very few marketing tools that can rival the power of blogging when it comes to creating credibility for your brand or building a brand personality.

Let’s make it a bit clearer.

Your business blog deals with specific subject matters closely or broadly related to your business.  From the creation of the very first business blog in 1994 to 2018, the era when blogging becomes a mandatory tool for inbound marketing, several definitions popped up. To put it in simpler terms, when you create blogs, specifically targeted towards bringing in more traffic and convert them into leads, it is called business blogging.

So, how does business blogging attract customers? 

Before anything else,

Let’s take a look at the digital landscape of today’s world:

So, let’s find out what blogs can do for your business.

Business Blogs Boost SEO

When it comes to online marketing, SEO is everything! The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. To understand how you can optimize your blogs for search engines, you need to first understand how search engines work. Let’s suppose, you are searching for a “Christmas Tree in New York City” and you put in these exact words in the search box of Google. The moment you hit enter on this, the search engine crawlers will start looking for web pages around the world that has these words in somewhat similar order on them. Within fraction of a second, the search engine will find those pages and pull up the links for you. And voila! You get your Christmas tree!

Here, ‘Christmas Tree in New York City’ is the keyword. And all these pages that the search engine pulled up are optimized for this particular keyword.

So, if you optimize your blog pages with the keywords your customers are using to search for your business, you have a better chance of being pulled up during the keyword search. And therefore, have greater visibility to your target audience.

The great thing is, you can optimize each blog for a new set of keywords! So, no matter what keywords or phrases your customers are using to look for businesses like yours, you can target them alright!

The more traffic you attract, the more chances are there to convert these traffics into leads. The trick is to find out the right keywords!  And you don’t have invest anything extra for it too. Free tools such as Google AdWords keyword planner or Ubbersuggest are good enough for this purpose.

But keywords optimization is not the only thing business blogging does! By writing new blog posts you add on new indexed page at your website. And this lets your website appear more active to the search engine crawlers who gives preference to websites that are updated on regular basis.

Insightful Content Establishes Authority

Today’s customers are much smarter when it comes to  purchase decision. They are no more dependent on sales reps for getting information about the product or service they are about to buy. With abundance of information available on internet, they can and they very definitely do search for answers, reviews and information online.

If your blog states their problems and comes up with a good solution, you have already won their trust.

Visitors are happy when their questions are answered and problems are solved. And if your blog content can do it for them,  you’ve already proved yourself to be knowledgeable and reliable.

  • You offer insights to your visitor through your blog-post as a gift in good faith.
  • Once the trust is built aka the problem is solved for the visitor, he/she is more likely to be interested in talking to you regarding that particular product or service. He/she can give you a call at this point of time or fill up your lead form.
  • Now, this particular lead has already benefited from your content, and therefore you have established your authority in this particular domain. The battle is half won for your sales team!

Blogs Have No Expiry Date

Your decade old blog post is still being read. What if a friend of mine (who has been your existing customer) shares the link of your post on Facebook?

Yes, you get a chance of new traffic from an old post. This is what you call compounding blogposts.

Research says, Compounding blogposts get 38% traffics than new ones. A blog post that is more than a year old, reportedly generates almost 3.5 times more traffic than the newer blog posts.

However, not all blogs have the potential to become compounding posts. While some topics are evergreen, so are momentary. The trick is to have a nice balance between ‘in-trend’ topics and evergreen ones! Check out our amazing blogs !

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 Last Words

It is high time to start business blogging. In this era, when customers are increasingly relying on online sources for finding out businesses they need, an active blog is essential for both online and offline businesses. Get in touch with our business blogging experts HERE and find out how blogging can boost your marketing efforts!

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