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Mar 16, 2022

Just like they say, everything has its own pros and cons, the real estate industry is none but another example. On one hand, it is fluid, adaptive, and open to business evolvement. On the contrary, it lacks an established sales workflow. You see, precision and caution are the only two mottos that business people have while planning their sales pipeline. Unquestionably, modern real estate agents too, try their best to compress the entire purchase operation as much as possible. But in reality, the sales transaction for them is comparatively longer than most other industry verticals including multiple steps in the middle. Hereby to alleviate you from all your troubles regarding business, we come bearing the ultimate solution– Real Estate Agency CRM

What is a sales pipeline? 

A sales pipeline is a visual representation of your customers which efficiently tracks their progress per stage. Real Estate CRM creates separate profiles for your deals in which it records your customers’ journey in an organized pipeline and auto-updates itself after each stage completion. 

Here’s a visual of what our Real Estate CRM pipeline looks like– 

Real Estate CRM

In this article, we will discuss solely how effectively the sales pipeline of our Real Estate Agency CRM covers all your bases so that you never fall through the cracks. 

Capture Multiple Leads At A Go 

Brokers of today have different channels to promote their brands and generate numerous leads. Say, for example, website landing pages, social media platforms, referrals, inbound calls, newspapers, etc. But of course, generating leads and capturing the same is entirely different. If you fail to capture your leads, naturally you cannot contact them and make any further business. Real Estate Agency CRM helps you capture all your leads the moment you receive an inquiry from your prospects. 

For instance, if you have an individual who has browsed through your properties and inquired about one, he/ she can submit their details in the embedded ‘contact form’ on your website. This way they can make a bridge for communication and our CRM readily captures all their details and stores them in a separate streamlined record. It also captures the source of the lead. But why is tracking the source of lead generation important? If you are a new player in this field, you might have several channels to generate your leads as we mentioned above. However, with our CRM data analytics and your experience, you can evidently chalk out which of your sources generate the maximum so that accordingly you can master your technique and invest in them. 

Real Estate CRM

Organize Your Task Workflow And Strategic Communication 

Most of our potential customers are extremely impatient and we must consider that they are constantly bombarded with different options. As they become increasingly tech-progressive, real estate agents need to follow them up as soon as possible. According to Startup Bonsai, leads are 9x times more likely to turn into customers when followed up with 5 minutes after their inquiry. When your system receives a new inquiry, Real Estate Agency CRM rightly notifies the respective teammates so that one of them can take the lead forward. Other than this, you can create different manual follow-up tasks and distribute them amongst your team with a one-click mention. You can also set reminders or mark your calendar with deadlines. This helps you build a strategic communication flow, ensures your customer confidence and makes the purchase process smoother.

Real Estate CRM

Added to this, as our CRM solution records every nitty-gritty detail related to your business, on the homepage, you can view precise information about your task. This includes the name of the task owner, related deal, the current status (whether it is open or closed), and respective deadlines as well. 

Real Estate CRM

Anticipate Your Client’s Preferences And Send Recommendation 

When you successfully convert a particular lead into a contact, company (only for B2B opportunities), and associate a deal with them, Real Estate CRM creates automated profiles under the three above-mentioned perspectives. It creates a single holistic view with a 360-degree contact record where every minute detail is efficiently recorded. This includes the best time for communication (based on your previous follow-up activities), business card information, detailed information, and related lists. As the CRM holds every touchpoint interaction and records their preferences, if you scroll down, you can see a recommendation section. All you need to do is trigger an automated recommendation list with in-line/ global editing. Our intuitive CRM solution rightly generates a property list in which your potential buyers can be interested. Such an easy step helps you suit your clients’ preferences appropriately and saves tons of your time! 

Quick Tip- Identify Matching Leads And Contacts For Your Properties 

Even if you have a property added recently to your system, you can generate a list of prospects (leads/ contacts) who could be interested in your property. Therefore, as soon as your property is validated and ready to be sold off, you can click on the ‘identify matching leads and contacts’ button, and an automated list appears before you. Whatever may be the case, you can send your recommendation in a PDF format via email to your customers, right from the CRM itself. How cool is that?

Build Your Plan Of Action 

A real estate purchase has several smaller steps in the middle before you win a deal. The process is relatively much longer. And what makes our CRM stand apart is the established plan of action or organized pipeline stages. You cannot but follow the same pattern for every deal which ultimately helps you cover all your bases and keep track of your business. 

Site Visit Meeting 

Once you share your recommendation with your prospective client, you can quickly follow them up with a call and schedule a site visit meeting if they show their interest. Needless to say, such meetings are extremely important from your customers’ end as they’re investing in a lifetime asset. Hence, your sales team needs to pitch them the various aspects of a particular property and guide them through the dynamics while an onsite visit. And remember, no feedback is negative feedback. The moment you’re done with your site-visit meeting, you can take quick feedback from your client and rate your property. So that you have a chance to arrange for modifications or improvements. 

Property Selection And Offer Form Generation

After the site-visit meeting is done, the next step is automatically to get approval of your property from your customer. So the moment they select a property, you can quickly generate an offer. Real Estate Agency CRM comes with a pre-designed offer template where all the prior filled out details. This includes name, address, property name, type, location, expected price, etc which are instantly flown. You need to insert the necessary information, save the same, and prompt an offer form. 

Real Estate CRM

Generate Your Contract And Get It Signed

In most, real estate transactions when brokers place their offer for a particular property, get a counter-proposal from their customers. As a realtor, you might have the same scenario following for multiple deals as well. In other words, it is utterly impossible for you to track your payments. Real Estate CRM helps you keep a diligent tab in this regard. When you propose your first offer, you can quickly insert the amount and date and repeat the same when you get counter-offers. When the negotiation-affirmation process is over, you can enter the agreed-upon price so that the CRM instantly fills in the availability status and value in the overview section of the property.

Our all-in-one CRM solution comes with Zoho Writer which helps you merge all your contacts so that you never have to start from scratch. Also with Zoho Sign, you can put your e-signature on the contract, send it out to your clients via email and finish off the whole task from your end. 

Real Estate CRM

Generate Invoice And Record Your Payments 

A real estate agent is a third-party influence for a property sale. You act as the immediate mediator between your property seller and the potential buyer. Therefore, you can apply your invoice to both parties as well. For generating one, you need to insert your commission percentage so that our Real Estate Agency CRM automatically calculates the amount. When you save it, you can trigger your invoice in a PDF format, see all the details flown in a pre-designed template, and send it out to your seller and buyer. 

Later, the moment you start receiving deposits from both parties, you can record your payments and maintain a streamline including the amount and date, and CRM auto-calculates the due balance. Once this payment process is over, our CRM assesses the current status and automatically closes the deal. As simple as it sounds! 

Business In A Bird’s Eye View 

The best features of our Real Estate Agency CRM are the dynamic reports and dashboards. The real-time data analytics and insights of these two modules help you effectively comprehend all the aspects of your business. When implemented correctly, you can clearly ascertain which of your sources are working in your favor and which aren’t. Accordingly, you can improvise and innovate your strategies for further business expansion. 

Bottom Line, 

Once you’re backed with our purpose-built Real Estate Agency CRM, you can see a world of a difference in your business. The automation powers of this CRM along with its intuitive nature do the deed on your behalf. Taking your business to soaring heights, achieving customer loyalty and expectations are on the horizon. Now we throw the ball in your court. 

Watch this video to get a more distinct drift about all the features of our CRM.

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