How to Send Mass Emails in Zoho CRM?

Apr 9, 2024

Do you want to charge up your email outreach with Zoho CRM?
Mass Email in Zoho CRM is your answer!

The Mass Email capability of Zoho CRM allows you to efficiently manage and send personalized emails to a large audience, all at once.

Knowing how Email Marketing plays a vital role in business communication, there are several platforms available for the same. Then why Mass Email in Zoho CRM?

By leveraging Mass Email, you can seamlessly integrate your Sales and Marketing efforts. It ensures consistent email communications to maximize customer engagement. Zoho CRM provides built-in analytics and a unified platform, simplifying campaign management that is tailored to the sales requirements eliminating the hassle of integrating multiple tools.

In this article, we will dive deep into Zoho CRM Mass Email capability.

What is Mass Email?

We know how important it is for businesses to communicate with their customers in the best way possible. Email communication plays an important role here. 

Mass email in Zoho CRM provides an option to send a single email to a large number of contacts or customers in one go. It is designed to streamline communication efforts by allowing businesses to reach out to a broad audience efficiently.
With the possibility of Mass Email in Zoho CRM, we can send personalized emails, target specific audiences, track email performances, and automate email follow-ups.

This functionality comes in handy when working on Email Campaigns in Zoho CRM, taking customer engagement initiatives, or at the very initial stage of nurturing leads or contacts at a scale.

Why do we need Mass Email ?

We know how email marketing elevates the overall customer interaction of a business. The Mass Email capability of Zoho CRM centralizes your sales and marketing efforts under one platform.

Here are some benefits that make Mass Email in Zoho CRM an essential tool:

  1. Efficient Communication– Sending individual emails to a large audience can be quite time-consuming and labor-intensive at the same time. With Mass Email we can easily streamline this process, which makes the email communication process more efficient and quick.
  2. Personalization– Despite the need to reach a large number of recipients mass emails can be personalized based on pre-defined criteria and preferences. Such a personal touch helps improve the quality of engagements and response rates
  3. Targeted Emailing– With Mass Email in Zoho CRM businesses can send personalized emails to a targeted customer segment. By sending relevant content to the right targeted audience businesses can increase the customer satisfaction rate and increase their conversion rate in the long run.
  4. Time and Cost Saving– With Mass Email we no longer need to send individual emails which takes more time and resources. It also makes it possible to send out bulk emails at one go which also cuts down the cost of any other marketing method like email marketing, printings, etc.
  5. Email Tracking and Analytics – In Zoho CRM we have a robust analytic tool that allows a business to track the performance of the mass email in real-time. We can monitor different parameters such as open rates, click rates, etc. These help in gaining valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. 

Now don’t you think that it would be fair enough when we say that Mass Email in Zoho CRM is an effective tool?

How to Mass Email in Zoho CRM?

Now that we know about the various benefits of Mass email in Zoho CRM, here is a simple guide to do so:

When sending a Mass Email in Zoho CRM, there are 3 important phases

  1. Create an Email Template
    The very first step is to create a personalized email template from the Templates options in your CRM setup. This template can be designed while keeping in mind the taste of the target audience and the content that you want to share.
  2. Segmentation of Audience
    Mass Emails can be sent to the Lead’s Contacts or any Custom Modules of your Zoho CRM. In Zoho CRM we already have the system default views that we can Mass Email or we can also create Custom Views based on pre-defined criteria to send the email.
  3. Send Email
    Now once you have the Email Template and the desired list of audience is all set, we can proceed with the Mass Email procedure in Zoho CRM. All that we need to do is select the desired list and click on the Send Email” option from where we can select the Email Template that we have created and send it across.

Case Study on How to Mass Email in Zoho CRM

Meet Sophie, a Sales Representative for “Paisley Tree” an exclusive clothing brand.

Paisley Tree is using Zoho CRM to manage their Customers and Sales

The brand is launching its new Summer Collection for 2024, Sophie wants to share this news with all the Customer Contacts in her Contact Module.
She wants to use the Mass Email capability of Zoho CRM to share this update. 

Here is how she can do it.

Step 1- Create an Email Template

Sophie first needs to create a customized email template with the news she wants to share.

  • In your CRM go to Set-up.
  • Then under Customization select Templates.
  • Click on “New Template” to create an Email Template and select the Module. You can build it from scratch or you can also customize from the already existing templates.
Create Email Template
  • You can design the Email Template by inserting different elements like texts, images, and URLs as shown in the image below.

Step 2- Create a Custom View

Now that the Email Template is created, Sophie will create a Custom View for all those Contacts whom she wants to share the update with i.e. the Customer Contacts as shown below.

  • In the Contact Module create a “New Custom View“.
Create Custom View in Zoho CRM

Set the criteria based on which you want to create the Custom View. Here, Sophie wants to share this update only with those Contacts whose Contact Type is Custom

Set Criteria's for Custom View

Sophie has successfully created the Custom View which she can now any time access from the Views List.

Custom View Created

Step 3- Send Mass Email

Now that Sophie has created the Email Template and desired Contact View, she can now proceed with thee Mass Email. 

Here’s how: 

  • Select the Custom View i.e. My Customer Contacts
  • Select the Contacts by checking on the small box before “First Name”
  • Click on the Send Email Option and select the Email Template that is to be shared.
Select Email Template in Zoho CRM

Once Sophie selects Email Template, before sending it she can also customize from which email address the email will be sent, and also select the email that would take the replies from the contacts.
She can also prefer to send the email immediately or schedule it for some other time.

Sending Mass Email in Zoho CRM

Now by clicking on “Send”  button Sophie can now share the email with all the contacts at once.

Sending Mass Email in Zoho CRM

Note – Once the  Mass Email is sent we can also see the Sent Email Count as shown below. In case of failure the reason is also visible in the picture above.

Mass Email in Zoho CRM

Furthermore, we can also see the email statistics by Clicking on “View sent email statistics”.

This way Sophie has sent an individual email to a list of contacts at a go.  

Now imagine the amount of time and labor she saved!

Analyze your Mass Email Performance

When talking about Mass Email, it is important to understand the performance of the same to evaluate how effective the campaign was. With the help of the metrices like open rates, click rates we can gain valuable insights into recipient engagement.

Mass Email Analytics in Zoho CRM

Theses insights helps us tailor our approach further improving the overall effectiveness of the Mass Email. With data-driven analytics we can make better interaction with our customers fostering stronger relationships in the long run.


Before we conclude, let’s think about what Mass Email in Zoho CRM means.
We know how important effective communication with our customers is paramount for a business’s success. With Mass Email, we can reach out to a large audience effortlessly. Building and maintaining customer relationships is going to be easier than ever.

Mass Email not only means sending out a bunch of emails but also connecting with people and building relationships. Each email that we send has a personal touch added to it.

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