Strengthen Your Brand Identity With Real Estate Agency CRM

Jun 3, 2022

The world is crowded with businesses that might offer similar services as you. You can never be the only one. To make yourself stand apart, you need to shape your business as a brand, as an individual identity, making a mark in the global marketplace. For the real estate industry, the credibility of the brand becomes extremely crucial for potential clients. And now we have come up with Real Estate Agency CRM to help you improve your brand credibility to a greater extent. 

But why is brand identity so important for modern marketing? 

In a world full of inconsistencies, creating a cohesive brand and keeping a consistent personality of your services help you run long. It gives you a strong competitive advantage when your customers think of purchasing a property and instantly your company comes to their mind. For making something successful, you need to put in lots of effort and hard work. Building and sustaining a brand identity is no exception. The image that your customers identify with your agency extensively depends on your relationship with them. And needless to say, this image becomes instrumental in their purchase decisions. 

Does this sound tough? No, not when you’re backed with Real Estate Agency CRM. For new players in the field, our solution greatly helps you create your brand identity and for the already expert agents, there is always a scope for betterment. In this article, we will explore how effectively you can use our CRM solution for this purpose. 

A. Streamlined Data Organization 

As business people, it is only natural to feel the pressure of the rising competition. It is a good thing, without a doubt. However, we certainly don’t want to miss out on any opportunity amid this pressure. It can be averted with an effortless streamlined data organization with Real Estate Agency CRM.

Centralized Hub Of Data 

While all the sectors of your business are extremely crucial, certain selective ones require your discreet attention regularly. Our CRM solution holds these crucial matrixes of your agency in a centralized space under the home page. Whether it is about the number of leads that got generated, The number of deals you have in hand, or the number of open tasks left– you can view every piece of information right here. And mind you, all this information gets updated in real-time so that none of your decisions falter. What’s more, you can always customize this page with your preferred dashboards. For instance, if you want to know how your marketing channels perform daily, you can easily add a component dedicated to this aspect. Therefore, you can define your data hub and keep it organized, always. 

Real Estate Agency CRM

Customer Databases In An Uncluttered Way 

Customers are the literal lifeblood of a business. Without them, your business practically has no future. And to maintain your brand identity, you need to avoid risks as much as possible. You cannot certainly afford to confuse one client with another. And most importantly, you cannot overlook a step in the sales process for any client. Real Estate Agency CRM is all about strengthening your relationships with your clients. It seamlessly integrates its automation powers to document your customers keeping it all in a kempt manner. 

Captured Leads

As real estate brokers, you might have different channels to market your brand and generate innumerable leads. Like, websites, social media pages, newspaper or Google advertisements, referrals, and so on. Now, when it comes to capturing them, our CRM software makes it a cakewalk situation. It captures thousands of leads simultaneously. For example, for your website inquirers, you can embed a contact form so that they fill in their initial information if interested. And viola, our CRM readily captures these details and places them in the respective fields after creating a separate new lead record. So that when you get inside a new entry, you easily view the prospect’s information and persuade them with further communication.

For inquirers via social media platforms, you need to embed your website link and the same process can be followed. In the case of inbound calls, you can manually fill out your leads’ information, as well. 

Real Estate Agency CRM

Automated Customer Profiles 

Once you’re done evaluating your leads carefully, you can move on to the next step, which is conversion. With just a single click, Real Estate Agency CRM creates automated profiles for your customers as contacts, company (only for B2B opportunities), and deals. You can view all the module-oriented details in the respective records. So for example, if you get inside a contact record, you can see all the contact-specific information including the best time for communication. The same pattern follows for the other two. However, as these records are interlinked with each other, you can easily find them in the related lists as well. Therefore, all information remains in place and can be switched from one to another in quick succession. 

Real Estate Agency CRM

The best part is that our CRM tracks your customer’s journey diligently. On the timeline page of your contact and deal records, you can have a clear vision of the stage history so that you can resume the process without repeating any task. 

Real Estate Agency CRM

Ready-Made Sales Pipeline 

As an agent, you must know that the sales process is comparatively lengthier than others. Without an established pipeline, there is a high probability of risks. To prevent that, our Real Estate Agency CRM comes with a ready-made sales pipeline. Placed inside the deal record, this pipeline covers all the stages you can possibly require to close an opportunity. Moreover, it automatically updates itself after each stage completion. Therefore, you can assess your customer’s current stage in the sales process without even wondering how to move ahead as the CRM takes you to the next level. Yes, you read that right!

Real Estate Agency CRM

B. Interdependent Collaboration 

Customers certainly get an idea of your branded business from the very first point of communication. And of course, you want to make a good impression. Real Estate Agency CRM helps you a great deal in this regard. According to Startup Bonsai, deals are likely to be won 9x times greater when customers get prompt responses. That is why whenever our CRM captures a lead, it also instantly notifies your respective teammates so that one of them can cater to the former’s queries. 

Even as the head of your agency, you can initiate different follow-up tasks, schedule meetings or calls, and distribute them amongst your team members. To maintain it strategically with no communication gaps, you can also sync your calendar to mark deadlines or set reminders or pop-up notifications. This way you can easily delegate your immense workload and nurture your clients with a fluent interaction flow. 

Real Estate Agency CRM

C. Analyze Your Business With Comprehensive Reporting 

The image of your brand hugely depends on your vision and understanding of your business. Real Estate Agency CRM helps you analyze every nook of your business. It comes complimentary with a series of dynamic reports and dashboards. You can comprehend the merging marketing trends and track the overall performance of your business. As our solution is an extremely intuitive one, these reports and dashboards always fill you in with real-time information so that you can always stay updated. Consequently, when you implement this dynamic duo to your advantage, you can make act faster with informed decisions. This is what a report looks like-

Real Estate Agency CRM

And this is an example of a dashboard-

Real Estate Agency CRM

Last words, 

Real Estate Agency CRM is truly an all-encompassing solution– a complete package for realtors. Its easy-to-use interface persistently optimizes your sales process and helps you improve the credibility of your brand identity. An added advantage is that it is accessible at any time and with any device whatsoever so that you can manage your business on the move! 

Don’t believe us still? Watch this factual video to understand the process even better! 

You know what your brand stands for. To maximize its strength and take it to another level, you need to get started. Click on this information link, now! 

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