Travel Agency CRM Can Grow Your Business Rapidly

Mar 13, 2021

The travel industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. In 2019, the travel and tourism industry contributed over 2.9 trillion US dollars to the Global Economy. However, with rapid growth, challenges and complexities are arising while running a travel business effectively. From offering some of the exotic locations to booking the best hotels for the customers, as a travel business owner, you need to take care of a wide range of things. You need to know the preferences of your customers as each of them are unique. As you know that the business process of a travel agency is a complex one and to remain on top of this industry, you need to manage all those complex processes smartly. Fortunately, Travel Agency CRM is there to help you deal with these issues.

Travel Agency CRM will help you to manage your sales pipeline effectively as well as meeting the requirements of your customers such as organizing FITs (Frequent Independent Travel), Group travel, making reservations, generating vouchers, and more.

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What Is Travel Agency CRM?

Travel Agency CRM is a solution built on top of Zoho CRM that helps travel agencies and tour operators centralize, optimize and streamline their business process from capturing leads to earning testimonials.

The application is tailored for travel agents, tour operators, destination management companies. It helps store all the data in one place so you can access the data from anywhere at any time.

Why Use Travel Agency CRM?

A travel business owner who is struggling with capturing leads, tracking profits, managing vendors, and many other business operations, must consider investing in Travel Agency CRM. Here are a few points to help you better understand why you need the CRM for Travel Agency.

Are You Looking to Better-Manage Your FITs and Fixed Departures?

Study shows that 50% of buyers choose vendors who respond first. Hence, you must always be available to respond to every lead as capturing them is the critical part of your travel business.

Creating a memorable experience for your customers is at the heart of any travel business. Whether you are organizing FITs or Fixed Departure tours, it is essential to manage each and every detail minutely. From capturing leads to nurturing them and finally closing the deal, you need to perform multiple tasks and keep track of all communication.

A successful trip also needs you to manage all your vendor reservations seamlessly.

So, without a tailored CRM system in place, chances are you facing challenges in terms of managing details of your FITs or tracking booking status for your Fixed Departures. Even if you can manage things on a spreadsheet, you are probably spending a significant amount of time collaborating and coordinating with your team members, vendors, and customers.

If that is the case, then you need a tailored CRM for travel agencies to better manage your trips.

Do You Want A Clearer Understanding Of Your Trip Profitability?

Calculating the profits against every trip takes a lot of time and effort. It is considerably difficult when all your data lies in spreadsheets, inboxes, and documents.

Here, Travel Agency CRM can come in handy.

For FITs, the system subtracts the total of all vendor reservations for a FIT from the invoice amount. Similarly, to calculate the profit from fixed departures the Travel Agency CRM subtracts the total of all vendor reservations for that Fixed Departure from all the revenue from all the trips. Hence, the CRM for Travel Agency takes out the guesswork on Trip Profitability.

Are You Looking at Creating a Stronger Relationship With Your Customers?

The better you know your customers, the stronger your relationships will be with them. Travel Agency CRM helps you record the details of your customers such as their locations, identity, interests, and behaviors as well. Besides, the application also records some critical business facts such as your customers’ position in a company, their relationships with other customers in your database, their language, and even birthdays and anniversaries.

With all this critical information at your fingertips, you can easily personalize your communication with the customers. Furthermore, sending emails, post-purchase customer surveys, special offers, and many others at the right time to your customers will help you to bring them back to you for more. With Travel Agency CRM, you can perform these actions seamlessly.

You might have the best product to offer, but if you don’t treat your customers right, you cannot sell anything. Hence, as a travel business owner, your top priority should be building good customer relationships.

How Travel Agency CRM Works?

We have already discussed why Travel Agency CRM is beneficial for your travel business. Now, let’s see how Travel Agency CRM works to streamline all the business processes efficiently.

Capture Leads From Websites and Landing Pages

Using Travel Agency CRM, you can easily capture leads via websites and landing pages. Whenever a lead visits your website and fills out the inquiry form, your CRM application automatically captures the information. Further, you can auto-assign the leads among your team based on tours they are interested in or their geo-location. Since you are always available to respond to inquiries quickly, the chances of converting leads into potential customers become higher.

Moreover, you can create web forms from within the CRM application and change style to make them attractive. So, you will never miss a website inquiry.

Automate Various Actions Using Macros

As a travel business owner, your primary focus might be selling trips and generate as much revenue as possible. Hence, you might want a system that allows you to perform tasks such as sending emails, itineraries, invoices, and many others without spending so much time.

Thanks to the “Macro” feature in the Travel Agency CRM that helps you to automate a wide range of important tasks in just one click.

With the Travel Agency CRM, you can send predefined emails, create follow-up tasks, change the lead status based on pre-defined logic, and many others.

Create and Manage Meetings, Calls, and Tasks

Managing tasks, meetings and calls is a critical yet stressful job. You might end up making mistakes while receiving hundreds of calls and emails as we humans are prone to errors. But there’s nothing to worry about because with Travel Agency CRM, you can manage your meetings, calls, and tasks effortlessly.

Travel Agency CRM allows you to create meetings against any module such as fixed departures, campaigns, companies, contacts, and others. You can either go to the shortcut menu on the top right corner and create a meeting or go to any module and create the meeting from the menu on the left of your screen.

Invite your team members and customers with whom you want to arrange the meeting and save it in an intuitive calendar. So, with Travel Agency CRM, you will never miss a meeting.

With the help of the CRM tool, you can schedule a call with your leads and contacts and record the call logs to keep track of the same. These call logs will help you to create follow-up tasks. Additionally, you can integrate a telephony system with the travel agency CRM to make the calls right from the CRM itself as well as log the calls.

Send Awesome Quotes

Creating a stunning quote often takes a bit of time. But if you take too much time here, you risk losing the deal and hurting your bottom line.

However, with Travel Agency CRM, you will not have to worry about that. The CRM for travel agencies is tailored to map your business process and you can create quotations in a matter of minutes. The system comes with stunning quote templates that you can use. And, you can further customize the template if you want!

Here’s how you can create and send a stunning quote to your customers in a few clicks and win them over!

Generate Invoices Quickly Against The Quotes

When your prospect accepts the quotes, you can change the status to “Quote Accepted” and convert it into an invoice to send to your customer. All the details of the customers such as name, due date, invoice number, and others will be captured on the invoice, just like it was on the quote.

Furthermore, when you receive payments from your customers, you can record the payment amount and date here. This feature, in turn, helps you in generating reports on the amount due, send payment notifications to your customers, and so on!

Manage Vendors Easily

As a travel business owner, you need to work with various vendors for providing different services to your customers. This includes transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, and many others. And all these actions take a lot of time and effort.

With Travel Agency CRM, you can store and manage all the contact details of the vendors to send them booking requests for your customers in a few clicks. Moreover, you can monitor the responses from the vendors and record the payments made against any reservation.

Manage Your Marketing Campaigns Seamlessly

Campaigns are the most important part of introducing your offers and promotions to your customers. It not only attracts new customers but informs the existing ones as well. Travel Agency CRM integrated with Zoho Social and Zoho Campaigns helps you to create amazing campaigns via social media and email respectively.

Market your special offers, popular products and monitor the responses to make valuable decisions for your business. Use the newsletter feature to select the leads, prospects, and customers to whom you want to send the marketing campaign emails. Additionally, if you want to know about how to market your travel agency in 2021 then Click here!

Earn Testimonials

Earning testimonials from your customers can add credibility to your business more than anything else. This is a great way to convince people about the values of your business. With Travel Agency CRM, you can send testimonial requests in just a few clicks.

Select the contacts of the customers who have completed a trip with you and send them the testimonial form in just one click from within the Travel Agency CRM. Once your customers accept the testimonial request and submit the form, it automatically gets stored inside the system. Further, you can publish these testimonials which will help you drive more sales in the future.

Final Words….

Now, you know that Travel Agency CRM can help you to perform some of the crucial yet difficult tasks.

Hence, if you are a travel agent and looking for a system that can enable you to perform all these actions and fully loaded with useful features yet affordable then you have found the solution.

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