Turbocharge Your Customer Retention Rates With Real Estate Agency CRM

Apr 8, 2022

We indeed need to increase customer acquisition rates every new day for surviving in the business world. However, the base of a successful business lies in customer strength. According to Harvard Business Review, it costs 5 to 25 times more to acquire new customers rather than to retain the existing ones. For the real estate industry, customer retention is one of the most reliable survival strategies. And our solution– Real Estate Agency CRM is designed with the sole purpose of building and maintaining solid relationships with innumerable customers. 

Since the pandemic fiasco in the last couple of years, the real estate world has stood resilient because of its buyers and sellers. NAR says that only 27% of sellers and 12% of buyers do business with their previous real estate agency. Almost 9.8% of the world population (most people aged between 22 and 29 years) moved to new homes. Therefore, the main target becomes the millennials who are expected to have quite a few moves ahead of them. To maintain strong bonds with your clients, you need to implement practical strategies. Good news for you, Real Estate Agency CRM is the all-in-one solution that you need for your purpose. 

In this article, we will dive deep into how effectively you can use our Real Estate CRM for improving your customer retention rates.

Unified Page For Data

The best monitor your business is to keep a diligent eye on every aspect of your business. While all of them contribute to making a success, there are a handful of chosen metrics that stand most crucial for business success. The home page is where you get every piece of information. Be it the number of sales in the current month, the total revenue generated, the overall performance of your lead sources and teammates– you can view each defined information here. But the best part is, that all these data windows are constantly updated with real-time information. Therefore, whenever you press the refresh button on the device, Real Estate Agency CRM fills you in with the latest development regarding your business.

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Publish Property Images On your Website 

Visual aids are by far one of the most effective tools for retaining customers. Buying a real estate property is a lifetime investment for most people. They need assistance for their assurance, and what’s better than the images of the construction dynamics. Publishing images on your website is an add-on service but it is highly recommended. This helps you engage your customers’ interest, that too by being informative. Your pictures must define the entire space so that they can get a clear grip of what they’re actually opting for. 

Identify Matching Contacts For Your Properties 

It is often noticed that real estate brokers fail to deliver the most-suited property to their clients. Now, you must understand that your properties are your main resources, your business revolves around them and your customers. Real Estate Agency CRM can make your situation a lot easier with its automated feature. When you have all your customers’ data documented in separate profiles, you already have an upper hand. But with our CRM you can instantly create a list of contacts that might be suitable for a particular property. For example, let’s say that you have all your properties listed. When you get inside a specific property record, you can view all its details and generate a list of all the leads and contacts who might be interested in it. You can also create a recommendation by merging it with a pre-defined template and share it via email as well.

Generate A List Of Matching Properties 

When you have a contact or a lead, looking out for specific properties, you can generate a list of matching properties in less than a minute. Just like you identified the best-fit clients for your properties, you can make a list of properties that your clients might be interested in. Either way, with Real Estate CRM you can easily navigate your search better and send out a recommendation email right from the system itself. Yes, it is that simple and yet so effective.

Keep Client Data At Your Fingertips

Since you are retaining customers, we believe you have all customer data in a single place. If not, then you’re in a deep swamp. With Real Estate Agency CRM, you can view a 360-vision of your clients. When you convert a lead into a contact, company and a deal, our CRM creates three different records with the aforementioned perspectives for a particular client. In the contact record, you can see their business card, address information, and even the most convenient time for communication. If you scroll down a little, you can also view the detailed information section including their preferences. Our CRM solution efficiently collects every touchpoint communication, previous follow-up tasks, the number of meetings scheduled or emails sent, and also your customer responses.

Collaborate With Your Team 

As real estate agents, we understand that it is not always possible for you to manage every area of business. However, maintaining a steady communication flow with your clients is super imperative for you. With Real Estate Agency CRM, you can delegate your workload to your fellow teammates. You can create different follow-up activities, schedule meetings or calls for your clients, and distribute them amongst your team members. Also, you can synchronize your calendar to mark deadlines or set reminders on their behalf. All you need to do is mention them with a single click and they get notified instantly about their latest task. 

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Record Stage History 

With Real Estate Agency CRM, you can seamlessly monitor and map out each of your customers’ journeys. When you get inside any particular deal record, you can view the stage history in a streamline or even refer to it as you proceed further. Therefore, you can clearly assess the current stage of your customer in the sales cycle so that even whenever you see a halt, you can remind them and smoothen the purchase operation. 

Interact With Your Customers Post-Purchase

For retaining customers, you must look out for effective ways to manage communication with them. In the real estate world, referrals/ recommendation stands as a major source of future opportunities. Your previous customers can share their experiences with others so that you land up meeting new customers. Based on their previous purchase, you can easily narrow down which customers might be interested in what kind of property. So you can trigger email or social media campaigns for sharing the latest news about the industry, the newest properties that you have enlisted, and so on. 

If you’re stressed about what to post on your social media or which email header to use to attract your customers’ attention, use DocHipo. It comes with a wide range of attractive customizable templates which you can use persistently. 

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Reports And Dashboards 

Our effective CRM solution for real estate agencies comes complimentary with a series of comprehensive reports and dashboards. Such a dynamic duo helps you implement your business strategies correctly with real-time analytics and insights. 

Here’s an exemplary report– 

And a dashboard– 


The flexible yet familiar features of our Real Estate Agency CRM help you grow and maintain strong relationships with your customers. And customer retention acts as a magical trick for future opportunities. Built on the award-winning Zoho platform, our solution is the all-in-one solution for your purpose. 

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