Win More Matters With An Optimized Sales Cycle Of Law Firm CRM

Feb 17, 2022

Everyone has to achieve multiple milestones for building a successful business. As a lawyer, of course, you must focus on your cases and win them on your clients’ behalf. On the other hand, your business might go south if you start losing numerous prospects with a static sales cycle. So here, one of the steepest milestones becomes an optimized sales cycle. Considering the immense workload that you have to deal with every day, we have come up with Zoho CRM for Law Firms. You will organically accomplish a credible brand value in the market once you’re backed with the optimized sales pipeline of our CRM solution. 

But What Is Sales Cycle Optimization? 

In simple terms, sales cycle optimization is the process of acting on the strategies that are working for your business and boosting your sales win rates. Law Firm CRM comes with an effective ready-made sales pipeline that covers all the steps that you need to keep your business running smoothly. It allows your sales reps to follow a consistent pattern of turning a prospect into a customer in a relatively shorter period of time. As you establish the levels in the pipeline, it helps you forecast your revenue, reduce customer acquisition costs, and improve your retention rate. 

In this article, we will explore each of the levels of our CRM solution’s sales pipeline. So let’s cut to the chase!

Generate And Capture Multiple Leads

If you don’t have leads, you have no business. So the very first step before entering into the sales pipeline is to generate uncountable leads and capture them simultaneously. Being lawyers, you already must have several mediums of lead generation like websites, inbound calls, newspapers, social media, etc. You can persistently optimize our Law Firm CRM to capture them, track the source, and house all the acquired information whenever you receive an inquiry. So suppose, you come across a lead who has inquired about your services via the website, this CRM instantly creates a single view profile where it records every touchpoint information. 

Law Firm CRM

Screen Your Prospects With BANT Parameters 

To optimize your sales process, you need to figure out the prospects with greater potential of eventually becoming your clients. The BANT parameters are the most effective and strategic screening process that you can implement to ascertain your leads appropriately. Depending on their billing preferences (Budget), the role of the person in the matter (Authority), the area of legal assistance (Need), and the urgency of the matter (Timeline)– you can score and prioritize them. 

Law Firm CRM

Quick tip- Gamification Scope

We understand that legal matters need to be tackled with utmost sincerity. However, as the leader of your law firm, you can always introduce a scope of gamification for your sales representatives. It helps you conduct a healthy work environment and motivate your team to go for an extra mile of productivity. The more your sales reps convert your leads, the more points they get. And not only this, Law Firm CRM helps you track their performance so that you can easily analyze both the strong and weak avenues of your team. 

Convert And Profile Your Prospects

 Automated customer profiling is another key optimization feature of our system. Once you successfully convert a lead into a contact, company (for B2B opportunities), and a matter, Law Firm CRM software auto-creates specific records under each module. Inside each module, you can see the specific module-oriented details. So if you get inside a contact record, you can see the contact-based information, however, you can view the tagged company or matter in the related list and switch to them with a click. As the CRM solution records every touchpoint interaction you have with your clients, it documents a clear timeline of their stage history and detects the convenient time for communication. You can analyze their stage history and update your sales pipeline on the ‘interested’ level.

Law Firm CRM

Share The Matter Details Form 

One of the major key takeaways of using our Law Firm CRM is the ‘Show Details’ form. Our system beneficially optimizes your sales process with it. Now, you must know that most people don’t really wait for too long when they have a legal matter to handle. On the contrary, you have too much already on your plate. To make it faster and easier, we have devised this form so that you can collect all the necessary information regarding a particular matter.

As the system has profiled a matter record for your client, you can scroll down and click ‘yes’ to the share matter details option, and automatically a pre-built form is sent right from the CRM. And viola, the moment they submit their details, CRM creates places all the acquired intel rightly in respective details. So you see, instead of you manually filling in their details, you can let your clients do it by themselves. This helps you save tons of your time and avoids risks. 

Law Firm CRM

Get The Contract Signed 

Once your clients submit their details, you know that they have approved of your consent and consequently you might want to get the contract signed. But generating particular contracts for numerous clients can be extremely tiresome. With Law Firm CRM software, you can merge your contracts with Zoho Writer and raise them in less than a minute. These contracts are matter-specific. Let’s say, you have a client with an hourly-billing preference, so the moment you choose that particular option, a pre-built contract appears before you. You can customize it by inserting your client’s name, the address information, the company name (if any), and the date. The same goes for the other too as well. But mind you, the content and structure will always vary depending on the option you select. 

Since it’s almost a paperless world, why not go all digital? With Zoho Sign, you can put your e-signature on the contract, send it out to your clients and finish your task all at once. 

This is an exemplary hourly-billing contract-

Law Firm CRM

Next up we have a contingency contract- 

Law Firm CRM

And finally, a flat rate contract–

Law Firm CRM

Generate Invoice

After you’re done with raising your contracts, you can now move on to the next step which is invoice generation. Always remember that Law Firm CRM records every minute detail about all your clients, attorneys, and their respective matters. Depending on the hours your attorneys have invested in their matters, this CRM instantly calculates the billable amount and generates an invoice. You can also create and sum up the additional expenses that you might need, like investigation fees, court filing, etc. Since it’s about legal matters which might have a long-term duration, you can generate the current monthly invoice so that your payments never get stuck. Moreover, this CRM application comes with a pre-defined invoice template and which you can send it out to your clients. Optimization in its true sense, right? 

Law Firm CRM

Record Your Payments 

Of course, providing the best legal service to your clients is your goal but when you’re in a business, you have to focus on your numbers. The more customer base you have, the more difficult it becomes to calculate your dues and keep a diligent track. Once you start receiving your payments, you can quickly record the amount and the date. Law Firm CRM efficiently optimizes your payment process, by auto-calculating the due balance and closing the deal in the pipeline as your payments are cleared. 

Reports And Dashboards 

By far the best features of Law Firm CRM software are the reports and dashboards. You can easily comprehend the various dynamics of your business from these modules. They help you analyze your sales win rates, the current month’s revenue amount, the performance of your teammates, and so on. Added to this, you always get real-time insights so that you can fine-tune your strategies to reduce churn rate and boost for more growth. 

This is what a typical report looks like- 

Law Firm CRM

And this a dashboard example– 

Law Firm CRM

Last Words, 

The main target for any business is continued growth and uninterrupted cash flow. Mobility is true, a crucial optimization tool for today’s salespeople. By implementing the abundant features and the ready-made optimized sales cycle of Law Firm CRM which is available on any device and at any time, you can look forward to boosting your sales win rates. We have helped 700+ businesses to grow so far, we’re sure yours could be our next! 

This video helps you understand how effectively you can execute all the features of Law Firm CRM software.

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