6 Constructive Ideas To Help You Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate With Travel Agency CRM

Nov 8, 2021

When we see a business flourishing with tremendous growth, we cannot help but admire it. But the core of this prosperous facade lies in the business leads of a company. Your ultimate goal of revenue growth depends on these leads which are your potential cash crops. And, business lead conversion is the pivotal point of any business. This step is the legit game-changer of the whole sales process. MarketingSherpa  defines lead conversion to be “the point at which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action.” 

We understand that you have too much on your plate already while running a travel agency during this pandemic era. And above that, boosting your lead conversion rates to the next level is almost exhausting.

So, get ready to alleviate that burden from your shoulders as Travel Agency CRM comes to your rescue. Let’s delve deeper into this! 

First, Capture Your Leads Effortlessly

You can generate a lot of traction when your website is aesthetically designed. And keeping your audience in mind, your website should be easily decipherable by your potential customers. Embedding web forms or ‘Contact us’ forms has been one of the best tricks to capture details about your lead. Once it is submitted, you get all the necessary information which will be documented, profiled, and segmented by your CRM software. In a streamlined fashion, all the details will be instantly populated in the business-card details, detailed information, and related lists sections. 

Improve Interactivity On Your Website 

It becomes a lot easier when you build a live chatbot for every inquirer for he/she doesn’t have to wait for you to respond. Don’t you agree? Here we introduce Zoho SalesIQ that can independently initiate conversations with your website traffic with canned responses. You can engage your audience with this enhanced customer service. This feature greets your potential customers and asks for further details, which of course gets collected in your CRM software. Evaluating these chat transcripts, you can easily identify your potential customers. 

But how do we stand apart from the market? With Zoho SalesIQ, you can see all the real-time visitors to your website, the number of pages they have browsed through, and track the time they are investing in your website. Saves so much labor! 

Nurture Your Leads 

In the business world, you cannot always book a lead as your customer, just because they have inquired about your services. SmartInsights shows that the average lead conversion rate in the travel industry is about 4.8%. So, nurturing your leads becomes super important and it requires your diligent attention. But when you integrate your business with Travel Agency CRM, your work is half-done already. Based on CRM analytics, you can rate your leads by BANT. It is an acronym for Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline. Depending on these parameters, you can identify which of your leads are likely to make a purchase and rate them as ‘hot’, ‘warm’, or ‘cold’ leads. You can read more about them here. It helps your sales team prioritize the potential leads. Once these leads qualify all the parameters, you can assign tasks to your team members for follow-up, just by mentioning them and they will get instant notifications. So cool, right?

Leverage Your Social Media Channels To Engage Your Audience 

As Travel Agency CRM documents every touchpoint communication with your lead, it’s super easy for you to record the preferences and needs of every potential customer. And, to keep your audience’s interest in your trips alive, you must reach out to them with intriguing content. Through social media networks, you can share beautiful pictures and videos of different locations, restaurants, hotels, people, and their cultures. After all, social media is where your potential leads are, and it is where you should be. Learn more about how you can implement the best strategies to attract your audience’s attention.

Send Out Automated Emails 

Email marketing certainly plays a strong role in nurturing your leads. Whenever your potential customers inquire about your trips, you can send out auto-responder emails to acknowledge them. You can tailor your acquired intel accordingly for promoting popular destinations to any individual customer via email. To personalize it further, you can promote your brand with seasonal offers and discounts on their birthdays or anniversaries. And, also send out ‘thank you or ‘safe journey’ emails with attractive custom-branded email templates. For campaigns, you can create dynamic emails to share value offers, incentivize your customers, you can customize your messages with responsive designs.

Improve Your Productivity

Other than boosting your team’s morale, setting goals on their behalf, analyzing their performance and growth, as a leader, you can make your workspace fun with the scope of gamification. Your teammates are likely to improve their productivity when there is a healthy competitive environment. You can keep it all fun and frolic while monitoring their performance and increasing your lead conversion rates. An interesting and powerful trick. Wouldn’t you agree?

Reports and Dashboards 

A key takeaway of implementing a Travel Agency CRM is that you get real-time insights from your business analytics. Dashboards are advanced data visuals with which you get a quick glimpse of all the important business metrics. Also, you get comprehensive reports which help you analyze win rates, revenue growth, and the performance of marketing campaigns. 

To round things off,

You want the best-advanced solution to grow your brainchild even bigger than it is today. That is why you are here after all! We understand. Leave no room for doubt when you integrate your business with Travel Agency CRM. Along with the plentiful features that this CRM application equips you with, it will help you optimize persistently to increase your lead conversion rates.

Here’s an amazingly factual video down below to help you understand how you can implement Travel Agency CRM to take your business sky-high!

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