How To Create And Log Calls In Zoho CRM?

Apr 9, 2024

When it’s about managing customer relationships, Zoho CRM can be considered a powerful tool for a business to manage its interactions. Among various capabilities, being able to Create and Log Calls in Zoho CRM is one of the most effective ones. This capability in Zoho CRM is essential for maintaining organized communication and to-do-lists across the system.
When engaging with clients, keeping track of calls is essential. Zoho CRM understands this necessity and equips the users with robust features tailored to this purpose. By effectively creating and logging calls within the platform, businesses can handle customer interactions well and build strong relationships and loyalty.

In this blog article, we will explore how to manage calls in Zoho CRM. We will walk you through the steps to Create and Log calls in Zoho CRM making communication a smooth process.

What are Calls in Zoho CRM

Calls in Zoho CRM offer a streamlined approach for managing the telephonic interactions. This helps businesses to track communication details, schedule calls easily, and induce collaboration amongst the team members. By capturing call details in your CRM you can have valuable insights and facilitate personalized customer engagement.

You can record any inbound or outbound calls in your CRM capturing essential information like date, time, duration, and participants. Details like this not only ensure that no communication is overlooked but also provide a thorough record for future reference. 

The capability to manage log calls in Zoho CRM elevates the organization’s efficiency. Users can easily schedule follow-up calls, log in call details, and maintain discussion details right on the CRM interface. With this, there’s no need for external tools or manual calendars to manage schedules saving so much of your time. This will also avoid any chances of missing out on any of the calls or losing an opportunity.

Why do we Need Calls in Zoho CRM?

If we look at it from a sales representative perspective, one of their prime tasks is to interact with the leads or prospects and convert them into clients. Given that, an essential part of their daily activities is to connect with the customers via calls. Keeping track of the calls made, scheduling calls as per the availability of the customer, and maintaining the discussion details, everything is done at the same place in the system. 

The call module in Zoho CRM is where you can track and store all the details related to a particular lead or contact in your CRM.

Advantages in Creating and Logging Calls in Zoho CRM

  1. Tracking Telephonic Communication–  Calls in Zoho CRM provide a structured way of managing and tracking all the telephonic communication details with the customers. We can have a detailed call log holding all the crucial information such as the date and time of the call, time duration, the caller details, and other related information. This helps in making sure that we miss out on any communication.
  2. Scheduling Calls- We can easily schedule calls with Zoho CRM based on their availability. While scheduling a Call in Zoho CRM, we can enhance the details like the date and time of when we want to make the call. We can also mention the agenda for the call and assign it to another user along with reminders. Whether it’s creating follow-up calls or arranging introductory discussions, Calls make it effortless.
  3. Better Collaboration- Calls strengthen the collaboration amongst the team members by providing shared visibility of the discussion details. This kind of transparency aligns the communication process and promotes coordination in customer interactions. With the ability to add details to call records, team members can collaborate effectively for better outcomes.
  4. Valuable Insights- Businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences by capturing call details and metrics. Analyzing the call data allows organizations to identify the latest trends, check performance, and refine their communication strategies accordingly. A real-time data-driven approach like this helps the business drive personalized communications and enhance the customer experience.
  5. Improved Customer Satisfaction- Effectively managing your calls in Zoho CRM leads to more personalized and responsive customer interactions. By leveraging Calls in Zoho CRM users can ensure that customer inquiries or follow-ups are timely taken care of. A personal approach like this promotes customer satisfaction and drives customer loyalty in the long run.
  6. Delegating Tasks- In Zoho CRM we can assign tasks to other team members to manage the workload better. With creating and logging calls, we can also assign them to specific users, ensuring that the calls are tracked and followed up on. This way everyone is aware of their responsibilities and telephonic communications with clients are well-tracked.

How to Create Calls ?

Here is a step-by-step guide for How to Create and Log Calls in Zoho CRM.

In Zoho CRM we can Create calls related to a specific Lead or Contact. Here’s how we can do it.

Steps to Create Call in Zoho CRM

  • Navigate to the respective module (Leads or Contacts) and open the particular record who you want to create the call for.
  • From the related list on the left side of the screen click on Open Activities and then click on Add New.
  • Select Call and then click on Schedule a Call.
  • Now you can personalize the call details like changing or adjusting the date and time, setting a reminder, set an agenda as shown below.
  • We can also assign calls to other users in the system depending on the permission given.
  • Once all the details are set, we can click on Schedule. As shown below you will be able to see the scheduled call in your related list under Open Activities.
Schedule Calls in Zoho CRM

How to Log Calls ?

Once you have a call scheduled in Zoho CRM, we can also log the call details after interacting with the customer.

  • Navigate to the call record that you want to log the call for.
  • Click on the three-dot icon and click on Mark as Completed.
  • Here you can update the outcome and the discussion details.
Log Call Details in Zoho CRM

Wasn’t that easy?

Telephony Integration within Zoho CRM

Organizations prefer to use different telephony services based on locale or other preferences. 

By seamlessly integrating telephony services in Zoho CRM organizations can centralize all call-related activities, automate call loggings, and maintain the recordings as well. Zoho CRM offers a platform for such telephony integrations for organizations aiming to streamline their communication process further. Users can easily call from the CRM, access real-time customer data, and personalize interactions for better relationships. 

Zoho CRM integrates with a wide range of telephony providers enabling businesses to choose their preferred telephony solution.

  • Go to Zoho Admin Panel
  • Click on Marketplace
  • Click on Learn More under Telephony


If you want to create and log calls in Zoho CRM, the steps outlined in this article will provide you with a clear path. Zoho CRM offers a comprehensive platform for call management. From setting up your telephony integration to logging all interaction details, you have it all covered.

With this capability of Zoho CRM, you can track every call, document your customer interaction, and schedule calls for the future. This creates an organized and efficient sales process, letting you focus on building strong relationships with clients and prospects.

As you continue to create and log calls in Zoho CRM, take advantage of the platform automation capabilities and workflows to make your job easier and hassle-free.

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