How to Schedule Mass Email in Zoho CRM

Apr 15, 2024

In today’s digital age, Email Communication is one of the powerful ways for businesses to connect with their audience and drive engagement. Nevertheless, navigating through extensive mail lists and automating the mass email process can become challenging without the right tools and strategies. The capability to Schedule Mass Email in Zoho CRM is a great way to streamline communication efforts effortlessly.

Scheduling Mass Emails in Zoho CRM is a great way to communicate relevant and timely with your customers. For instance, businesses can effortlessly deliver monthly newsletters, offers, updates, or as simple as seasonal greetings or festive wishes. 
In this blog article, we will closely understand the importance of Scheduling Mass Emails in Zoho CRM and how we can do it.

Importance of Scheduling Mass Email in Zoho CRM

Before getting into the details of scheduling mass emails in Zoho CRM let us understand why it is important.

When it comes to the business, Time Is Everything. Mastering timely communication with your audience can do wonders to your business. With the capability to Schedule Mass Emails in Zoho CRM, we can ensure, your emails reaches the right audience at the right moment increasing the likelihood of engagement and response. Moreover, scheduling emails in advance empowers businesses to streamline their communication process allowing them to utilize the time and resources better. There will be consistent email communications, that will reflect brand loyalty among the audience.

Here are some Benefits of Scheduling Mass Email in Zoho CRM

  1. Precise Timing– We can schedule Mass Emails for our audience while keeping a check on when they are most likely available. This is useful when dealing with audiences from different time zones.
  2. Increase Efficiency– We can schedule and automate the process of Mass Email in Zoho CRM in advance. This helps optimize the resources and allocate them to other crucial tasks, saving much of our time.
  3. Consistency– Scheduling Mass Emails ensures consistent communication with your audiences. This helps highlight the brand presence and bring in loyalty among the recipients.
  4. Professionalism– Scheduled emails to your recipients demonstrate the reliability of the organization. It ensures relevance, personalization, and consistency to uphold the brand image.
  5. Maximize Engagement- Scheduling emails for audiences from different time zones increased the chances of engagements. This increases the open rates, and click rates which serve great value in understanding customer behavior.
  6. Team Coordination– Scheduling Mass Email Automation simplifies communication within Zoho CRM and reduces errors. It also ensures the timely delivery of emails, better organization, and coordination among the team members.

Some Business Scenarios to Schedule Mass Email in Zoho CRM

Now that we have a fair idea of the benefits of Scheduling Mass Emails in Zoho CRM, let’s have a look at some scenarios:

  1. Product Launches
    A software company, launching a new version of its product, wants to notify its existing customers about the update. By scheduling a mass email they can inform all their customers simultaneously about the new update and features.
  2. Promotional Campaigns
    A retail business wants to announce a special promotion or sale to its customers. By scheduling a mass email in advance, they can ensure that the message reaches their entire customer base at the right time, maximizing the impact of the promotion.
  3. Event Reminders
    An event planning company would like to send reminders to attendees about an upcoming conference or workshop. Scheduling mass emails allows them to send timely reminders without having to send separate emails to each attendee individually. 
  4. Newsletter Updates
    A digital marketing agency wants to send out its monthly newsletter to subscribers. Scheduling mass emails enables them to plan and schedule the newsletter in advance, ensuring, it goes out on time and reaches their entire subscriber list.
  5. Holiday Greetings
    An organization wants to send holiday greetings to its clients and partners. Scheduling Mass Email allows them to prepare and schedule the greetings in advance, ensuring that they are sent out at the right time. 

In these scenarios, scheduling Mass Emails in Zoho CRM streamlines the communication process, saves time, and ensures that the emails are sent to the right target audience and at the right time.

How to Schedule Mass Email in Zoho CRM

Here is a detailed guide for how we can Schedule a Mass Email in Zoho CRM

Case Study

Paisley Tree has recently introduced its Summer Collection for 2024. As a cherry on top, they are offering an irresistible flat 15% discount from May 1st to May 7th, 2024.

Sophie, a member of the Sales Team is gearing up to send out a mass email to all her valuable contacts. She plans to schedule a mass email for her contacts to give them a timely heads-up one week prior.

Step 1: Create the Email Template

To create the Email Template

  • Click on Setup in your Zoho CRM
  • Select Templates under Customization
  • Click on New Template
  • Now you can create a Personalized Email Template as per your requirements. 

Here Sophie has created the Email Template “Discount on Summer Collection,2024”

Create Email Template in Zoho CRM

Step 2: Create a Custom View

Now that the Email Template is created, Sophie will create a Custom View for all those Contacts she wants to share the update with i.e. the Customer Contacts as shown below.

  • In the Contact Module create a New Custom View.
Create Custom View in Zoho CRM
  • Set the criteria based on which you want to create the Custom View. Here, Sophie wants to share this update only with those Contacts whose Contact Type is Customer Contact
Set Criteria for Custom Views in Zoho CRM
  • Sophie has successfully created the Custom View which she can now any time access from the Views List.
Custom View in Zoho CRM

Step 3: Schedule Mass Email

  • Go to the respective module, where you want to schedule the Mass Email from. Here Sophie plans to schedule the Mass Email for her Contacts. 
  • Click on Actions and select Mass Email
Schedule Mass Email in Zoho CRM
  • Click on Create Mass Email on the top left of the screen.
Create and Schedule Mass Email in Zoho CRM
  • Here you can set up your preferences like selecting the list of Contacts, you want to schedule the email for and selecting the Email template that you have created. 
Mass Emailing in Zoho CRM
  • To schedule for the future, select Schedule Later from the Send Options. 
  • Set the Date and Time for the Mass Email to be triggered.
Schedule Mass Email in Zoho  CRM
  • Now you can click on “Schedule” to trigger the same.
Scheduling Mass Email in Zoho  CRM

Now Sophie has successfully Schedule Mass Emails to update her valuable contacts about the upcoming discount, one week before D-Day.

Follow-up Actions for Mass Email

Now that we know about Scheduling Mass Emails and how to do it, what’s more?

After scheduling Mass Emails in Zoho CRM, it is essential to follow up to ensure the success of your campaign. After scheduling those emails it is important to monitor their delivery, and campaign analytics and take proactive steps to further engage with the audience. 

Once we have scheduled the Mass Emails, we can schedule Follow-Up actions based on the response from the audience like whether the Email is Opened, the Email is Clicked, or the Email is Bounced.

Follow-up actions in Zoho CRM

Based on these follow-up actions whether the email is opened or Clicked, we can create automatic tasks, update certain fields, or schedule a call with the contact. 

Follow-up actions for Mass Email in Zoho CRM

Even for scenarios like the Email getting Bounced, you can create actions like certain field updates to keep the record updated accordingly.

Follow-up actions for Mass Email in Zoho CRM


Mastering the art of Scheduling Mass Emails in Zoho CRM can be a game changer for your business communication strategy. By harnessing this capability of Zoho CRM, you can streamline your email campaigns, save time, and drive better results. 

Whether you are a small business owner, a marketing professional, or a non-profit organization, Scheduling Mass Emails in Zoho CRM will elevate your email marketing efforts.

Keeping that in mind, scheduling Mass emails in Zoho CRM is just the beginning. For successful results, actions like follow-up’s, analyzing the analytics, and engaging with your customers are required. 

You can boost your email marketing results with a strategic approach and proactive follow-ups. 
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