Apply 5 Marketing Tools To Navigate Emerging Legal Trends Besides Law Firm CRM

Aug 17, 2022

Marketing trends and the legal sector make a madcap pair– this is such a cliched notion. Don’t you think? 

Spell the word ‘lawyers’ and I bet, some of you’d think of serious people all black-tie dressed, browsing through mounds of paperwork and bustling around the court. 

News flash, people! It’s an ever-strengthened age where people increasingly rely on software applications to cover each sector of their business processes. It’s time to think beyond and reconsider your ideas. So why should marketing tactics stay out of the legal business radius? 

I’m pretty sure that as a lawyer you would focus on practicing matters rather than performing administrative tasks or analyzing marketing trends. But you must always keep the business perspective in mind. And for business expansion, you need to market your legal firm.

According to ABA market research, 54% of law firms still don’t have a budget for marketing. However, as per the Finances Online stats report, experts say that the legal market sector is all set to reach an enormous size of $767.1 billion after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, you see endless opportunities lie ahead of you. I’m not saying that the global legal marketplace will entirely usher onto your shoulders. That’s not possible. But why won’t you be a part of something so massive?

So read up on the following 5 powerful tools that can help you steer through the emerging trends in the legal sector. 

First, Design A Website

Act like a customer to think like one. What do you do when you search for a product/ service? You Google it and instantly you see several website landing pages on your screen. Therefore, websites legit act as your first point of interaction with your potential customers/ leads. 74% of customers visit websites to seek legal guidance. 

However, simply putting up a ‘Contact Us’ button won’t get you any far. You need to engage them with a craft-fully designed website with stellar content. You can include client success stories and talk about your firm and the services that you offer. But you should always maintain a friendly tonality, considering a maximum outreach. Think of your landing page as a virtual storefront where you keep a catalog of legal services and walk your prospects through them. And only then can you expect to land up capturing new leads. 

Interact Proactively With Zoho SalesIQ 

Just like you would extend a helping hand to your prospects the moment they enter your office, 

Zoho SalesIQ does the same thing. It is a 24*7 virtual assistant that tracks the number of pages your prospects have visited and what they are looking for. 

Imagine, you can proactively strike up a conversation to assist your leads just when the timing is right. You can build up such an effective live chatbot with canned responses for general queries. Depending on the questions that your leads lodge, the virtual agent readily displays several answers to select from. And don’t worry, all the chat transcripts are automatically embedded in Law Firm CRM. So that you can browse through the chat history before pursuing the lead or tackle unique questions in a one-to-one interaction. 

legal marketing trends

Go Multichannel With Campaigns And Social 

A steady stream of new prospects is something that everyone wishes for. Modern marketers are scraping their way through a plethora of marketing channels out of nowhere. And it seems to work for them, too! 

So, keeping the business perspective in mind, you must brainstorm ideas to come to light in a saturated legal marketplace. For now, why don’t you start by communicating via multichannel platforms with Campaigns and Social? 

Trigger Emails With Zoho Campaigns

I suppose people never seem to tire of some cliches. Like, I mean Friday nights for pizzas. For marketers, it has to be email marketing. And why wouldn’t it be? Wise Media says that email campaigns have a 4.5% average conversion rate. 65% of marketers rate emails as an important medium of increasing ROI rates. 

Zoho Campaigns is a platform that empowers you to create, customize, design, and deliver your emails to build up strong customer loyalty. It gives you a chance to personalize your emails dynamically. For instance, we know, that legal services might sound like intimidating jargon. But you can nurture your target audience and communicate your expertise/ content in an approachable manner. You can share free consultation offers, legal guides that clients might generally search for, and so on.

legal marketing trends

Connect Globally With Zoho Social 

Everybody is on social media. Literally, everyone! And the domineering impact that social media has as a part of culture is not a new thing. At least in this digital decade. If you ask me, it’s almost like a window to the globe. Therefore, having an online presence is a must. American Bar Association states that 80% of lawyers use social media to promote their firm. 

Now the question is, how to manage social media marketing? Zoho Social is the answer. It gives you a huge (even enviable when implemented rightly) opportunity to position yourself as a trusted expert. Since being lawyers, social media might often slip from your minds, but this tool helps you schedule a content pipeline with an intuitive calendar. You can spread your content across multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. This tool empowers you with best-time predictions where you can engage with your audience the most. 

Posting your content in regular intervals builds a certain sense of credibility and loyalty as you give your audience what they expect of you. And guess what, your CTAs will start increasing in no time! 

legal marketing trends

Streamline Marketing Operations With Law Firm CRM 

The primary function of a typical CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is building and strengthening customer relationships, just as the name suggests. We all know that. 

However, Law Firm CRM is particularly tailored to meet all the business needs of legal practitioners. And yes, it works “to the T.” If you aren’t aware of its versatile features, go check it out right now. Brownie points to those who have already advanced their businesses with the solution! 

Speaking of marketing operations, Law Firm CRM is efficient enough to single-handedly manage your leads. I mean, you have put so much effort into marketing your firm, will you want them to waste them just because you can’t capture leads effectively? Of course not. With this tailored solution, the chances of missing out on prospects are zero. 

Law Technology Today reports that 42% of law firms take 3+ days to respond to leads, which is, frankly speaking, almost frustrating on the prospect’s end. Law Firm CRM captures your leads from multiple channels, be it a website or email or social media CTAs, or live chatbots. And the moment a lead lands in the system, it triggers an automated acknowledgment email and alerts your sales team. So that they can engage with them purposefully and nurture them for further conversion and legal guidance.

Martindale Nolo even sites that 26% of legal firms f to track their leads. Again, the CRM solution knocks off this burden. It automatically tracks down your online lead sources and visually displays your marketing channels’ performance. So that you can make better-informed decisions and invest in those which work the best for you. 

Gain Feedback For Future Business 

It’s obvious that you want to satisfy your client base by winning maximum matters for them. Nobody’s denying that. But no man can be sure to win every case. Failing is a part of our lives too, remember? 

Nonetheless, your customers deserve the best experience and their feedback plays a huge role in improving it. Putting their insights into action is a surefire tactic to increase the credibility of your firm. And Zoho Survey makes it easier than you can think. 

This tool has customizable survey templates including 25+ question types, skip logic or piping. A cherry-on-the-cake fact? You can select everyone on your list using email or social media campaigns and send them out right and front with just a click! 

legal marketing trends

Analyze Customer Behavior 

Until this part of the blog, you have come across several tools and strategies to apply for marketing your legal services. Those were the beginning steps. Now it’s time to track the performance of your marketing channels. You are spending thousands of dollars, after all. You better invest in channels that bring you the highest ROI rates. 

Zoho Marketing Automation is an all-in-one software tool that scrutinizes different statistics about your website. It manages your marketing activities across multiple channels and analyzes customer behavior with efficacy. This platform gives you a granular view of your overall marketing performance with well-defined metrics that actually matter– from acquisition to retention and everything in between! 

Last Words, 

The global marketplace is oscillating every day and so are the marketing trends. While these trends will never cease to fluctuate, I have attempted to chalk out the software tools that you can apply to navigate them and improvise your strategies in accordance. 

Integrate these tools along with Law Firm CRM to smoothen lucrative business operations and you’re all set. Click here to get started. And keep reaching new heights of success!

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