Partner With Us to Help Businesses Grow

GoldenLion Referral Partners introduce GoldenLion to companies that are searching for customer relationship management (CRM) or other cloud applications and might benefit from Zoho Suite of Apps. We offer an attractive referral fee for those who become paying customers.

Partner With Us to Help Businesses Grow

    • IT Consultants and Management Consultants
    • Web Designers and Marketing Consultants
    • Current GoldenLion Customers
    • Industry influencers who have access to customers in a specific market
    • Hosting companies & service providers

How It Works


Sign up as Referral Partner

  • You could be an Individual or an Organization
  • The sign up involves no fee

Spot the Lead

  • Spot a lead where an organization is looking for a CRM or other cloud applications
  • Pass on the lead to

It’s Easy to Get Paid

  • You get paid for every lead that results in a successful closure for Zoho Suite of Apps


  • Earn significant referral fees
  • Associate your name with our brand – one of the choicest in the industry
  • Hassle free
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