7 Powerful Zoho App Integrations Along With Training Provider CRM That Trainers Must Consider

Oct 20, 2022

Do you find it challenging to keep up with this fast-moving, tech-driven world, like most of us? I mean, the moment I barely grasp something, another one pops up on the horizon. 

But you know there’s one thing that’s common amongst all of us — we don’t want to stand still in a place. We’re always striving for improvement. As training providers, I’m sure you must have been driven by this perspective at some point. So, how about upgrading your business processes to make them even better and bigger? Here are the 7 most powerful app integrations that you can implement as complementary applications to Training Provider CRM

I suppose you have already advanced your business with Training Provider CRM! You haven’t? No worry, I’ve got you covered! 

Role of Training Provider CRM in creating a successful training business 

Quality CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software primarily focuses on building and strengthening relationships with your customers. However, Training Provider CRM does a lot more than just that. 

  1. Starting off with the fact that it keeps all your customer databases centrally in a streamlined and organized way. 
  2. It extensively helps you with its efficient sales and marketing strategies. Be it automatically capturing details of new prospects, alerting your sales reps about it, or timely task reminders– the software efficiently oversees the process. 
  3. Other than effective workflow automation and profiling your customers, the CRM application comes with a ready-made sales pipeline, tailored for the training business. This pipeline covers all the action points you require and updates itself after a particular customer completes the previous stage. 
  4. Training Provider CRM advances you with Zoho Writer and Zoho Sign. So that whenever a learner completes a course, you can acknowledge them with certificates. You can merge your documents with Zoho Writer which has pre-designed templates. You can also put your digital/ e-signature with Zoho Sign on your document and share the same with your candidates via email. 
  5. Even the comprehensive reports and dashboards, which are, by the way, the best advantage of this software update themselves with real-time data. With these data insights, you can analyze your overall performance, and implement innovative strategies for keeping up with emerging trends. 

This was a precise list of advantages that Training Provider CRM brings to the table. Believe me, when I say this, there’s a lot more in store for you. Read here

And for people who have already the CRM software, bingo! Here are the 7 beneficial applications built on the Zoho platform, which can take your business to the next level. 

#1. Extend A Helping Hand With A Live Chatbot

Imagine an application that caters to your prospects’ inquiries on your behalf. Cool right?

 Zoho SalesIQ exactly does that. With an omnipresent approach, it serves your customers 24*7. Just like you use your website as a virtual storefront of your business, you can implement this application to proactively initiate conversations with your prospects. You can build this live here-to-help desk with canned responses for general inquiries. And the moment you integrate this software with the CRM system, the former captures the chat transcripts in a newly created lead record. So that you can easily evaluate the exchanged chats, gather information about the individuals, and follow them up at your convenience. 

training provider crm

#2. Trigger Engaging Emails With Zoho Campaigns 

Email marketing is the most cost-effective strategy businesses execute to attract their target audience. I honestly, don’t think I’ll be wrong if I say that it’s almost like a foremost tradition in the marketing world. It plays a catalytic role in engaging the targetted audience with seasonal offers, or promos, educating them about your latest courses, talking about the benefits of pursuing a particular course, etc. As many things as you can think of! 

Guess what? You can now have Zoho Campaigns– albeit, the best tool for this purpose. It enables you with effective automation and dynamic personalization. Since your business revolves around learners, making bland posts is the last thing that you need, right?

So you can create your campaigns more interactive with surveys, polls, GIFs, autoresponders, or newsletters. The application even helps you detect which version is highly popular amongst your target audience. Plus, you can trace the time taken by each contact to make a purchase and adjust your campaign frequency according to your learners’ engagement. 

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#3. Go Global With Zoho Social

To those who aren’t using social media to market your training brand, you need to wake up! Look around people, you are living in the millennial-Gen Z world. 

The immense impact of social media is a sure-shot strategy for your business growth. It gives you an enormous scope of reaching out to the global audience and spreading the word about your brand. Well for this, you might want to wing Zoho Social to make a domineering presence in the internet community. You can schedule your posts by building a content pipeline with an intuitive calendar that this app advances you with. You can sync all your social channels so that your audience can always stay posted. The application even helps you track online performance, respond to comments, and stay tuned with emerging trends in the training industry.

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#4. Host Events With Zoho Backstage 

As a trainer, you are probably dealing with individual learners and Corporate candidates (employee training). You’re engaging with modern-day learners. So to increase their enthusiasm for a particular course, you must spruce things up a bit. 

You can host webinars or offline events with Zoho Backstage. It is an event management software application that helps you organize and host conferences, meetups, or webinars with utmost efficiency. In case you’re running your conferences remotely, you can take them virtually with Zoho Backstage OnAir. You can Live-cast your presentations, make interactive sessions, and respond to your viewers easily. 

These online events play a massive role in maximizing your reach, building brand awareness, and also educating learners. For paid events/ webinars, this application helps your attendees register easily so that you can nurture them via emails and also keep tabs on your ticket sales and payments.

#5. Track Your Accounts With Zoho Books 

There is no doubt that you want to provide the best service to your clients, and I know you’ll be able to do that. But to keep your business moving forward, you need to track your accounts– after all, it is the main target. Training Provider CRM ensures your accounts to some extent. You can easily keep track of a client’s payments (amount paid or due balance).

However, when you back it up with Zoho Books you can easily comprehend your business finance. It is a cloud-based bookkeeping tool. Since in the training business, there is not much room for negotiation present, you can simply automate your mundane accounting tasks, like sending recurring invoices. Even to meet your taxes, Zoho Books helps you display all the relevant details in your bills/ invoices so that your transactions are always at par with government mandates. 

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#6. Support Your Clients With Zoho Desk

You have put on so much effort into acquiring your existing clients. Read that again. Now, do you want your efforts to go in vain when you might turn things around for repeat business? Of course not! 

While Training Provider CRM is all about strengthening relationships with your learners, you can perhaps integrate Zoho Desk to ensure customer support. It is context-aware help desk software that improves agent productivity and boosts customer satisfaction. Other than embedding self-service portals or FAQs on your website, you can proactively triage support tickets to resolve your customers’ issues. You can manage your conversations across multiple channels including emails, social media, website, etc. It helps you automate your routine tasks, address bottlenecks, and track accountability. 

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#7. Obtain Customer Feedback With Zoho Survey 

Feedback plays a major role in strengthening customer relationships and service betterment. Our customers certainly feel more acknowledged when they find their sentiments are reciprocated and their feedback is acted upon. Zoho Survey comes along with 25 different types of question patterns plus features like skip logic or piping and customizable themes to suit your style. You can share your survey forms with listed learners using social media or email campaigns, using this app, you can also invite your instructors to help you edit/ include questions regarding your courses. You can visualize your learners’ responses with customizable reports or Google Sheets for an in-depth understanding. 

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Last Words, 

Training Provider CRM is in reality, a vouch-worthy solution for all trainers. However, it is only a matter of time before you would want to scale your business. And for managing your business with superior proficiency, you might want to integrate your system with the aforementioned applications to make it all the more powerful. 

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